As long-term providers of services for persons who are diagnosed with autism and developmental disabilities, we have an extensive library of books, videotapes, and other materials concerning autism. We also provide tours of our residential programs and information concerning the methods we have found to be most effective.

In response to the many requests for information and consultation services from our now well-recognized organization, in 1988 we began providing workshops, mailings, information and referral, and consultation services to other service organizations, providers, schools, and families. Presentations concerning autism and issues related to the needs of persons disabled by autism, have been made by our staff members at many locations. Copies of printed materials and video training tapes have been requested by families and organizations throughout the United States.

For details on upcoming training sessions, workshops, and other infomation, contact us by phone, fax or e-mail.

In recent years, Alternatives has developed the CappsDATA computer-aided process to support its direct-care services, dramatically altering and enhancing the way in which our services are designed, administered, tracked and analyzed. We invite you to explore the benefits of CappsDATA – further information is available on the CappsDATA website.