Alternatives for People with Autism

Creating community options for people with Autism

POSITION AVAILABLE: Program Coordinator


The Program Coordinator adheres appropriately to the chain-of-command and works in coordination with
the Manager to supervise staff. A 4-year degree in a related field is required. Salary starts at 36,254/yr with
raises every trimester.


  • Oversees and assists in quality of all resident interactions in the department.
  • Provides a good role model for staff while working in the department.
  • Oversees medication administration in the department and administers when scheduled.
  • Oversees discipline/restraint are administered safely, with minimum intrusion and assures necessary documentation is completed.
  • Safely performs 2-person transfers of non-ambulatory resident(s) when needed.
  • Oversees that lifts/transfers of non-ambulatory resident(s) are performed safely by trained staff.
  • Schedules medical, dental, and other appointments (with RN) and provides staff coverage to meet scheduled appointments.
  • Informs parent/guardian of medical concerns and upcoming appointments..
  • Works with Office Manager to oversee client funds, making sure all transactions are documented appropriately.


  • Screens applicants, conducts tours, and interviews as support to Human Resources Coordinator on an ongoing basis to provide necessary department coverage.
  • Orients and trains new staff in use of PDTR, Communication Book, Weeklies and all aspects of residential life on a continuing basis.
  • Provides instruction and modeling, in procedures, programs, policies, philosophies and interprets when needed.
  • Reviews assignments at start of shift so each staff member is aware of responsibilities.
  • Maintains work schedule and coverage of needs.
  • Reviews timecards and prepares them for the Office Manager at the end of each pay period.
  • Assists in planning and facilitating monthly department meetings.
  • Maintains open lines of communication with department staff and attends to staff concerns on a timely basis.
  • Assumes the responsibility to take immediate action and communicates these issues to the Manager as appropriate.
  • Participates in planning and providing performance evaluations for all Living Skills Instructors for the department.


  • Provides training, feedback, and supervision of residents’ programs and behaviors to maintain staff consistency and recognize signs/trends indicative of problems.
  • Offers suggestions to Program Manager for program change, when requested in preparation for Inter-Disciplinary Team meetings.
  • Mails necessary materials to members of IDT, such as new programs and quarterly/annual reports.
  • Participates in assigned meetings and offers suggestions on program and daily schedules.
  • Maintains records, forms, etc. accurately and on up-to-date basis as assigned by Manager.
  • Oversees adequate data collection during shift and consistency in data collection within shift and processes data as assigned by Manager.
  • Enters program data in computer and prepares data for weekly reviews.


  • Available at all times during shift to handle emergencies which occur within the department.
  • Is on call as a resource for questions/issues/crisis at all times (excluding days off).
  • Notifies appropriate others as needed on shift and fills shifts in emergency situations. Follows up on emergency situations as needed (documentation, arranges staffing for extra days, etc.).
  • Administers first aid or CPR, as needed.
  • Coordinates emergency situations as they arise (fire, health, dental, weather, other).


  • Reports problems during shift to Program Manager or Person-in-Charge as appropriate.
  • Serves as Person-in-Charge when assigned.
  • Accepts supervision and instructions from Program Manager and Executive Director.
  • Makes effective use of administrative support within Alternatives.


  • Assigns staff to accompany residents to appointments/activities.
  • Makes suggestions and assists residents in participating in community activities.


  • Reports any security/safety needs and concerns to Program Manager and Person-in-Charge.
  • nspects the physical environment regularly for safety considerations and reports to appropriate others.


  • Oversees and assures that assignments for necessary food preparation, housekeeping, kitchen cleanup, laundry, etc. have been made for shift.
  • Follows and models established sanitation/infection control procedures, prepares food in accordance with relevant regulations and diet plans.
  • Recognizes and initiates housekeeping actions, appropriately communications maintenance needs.


  • Is knowledgeable about Alternatives practices, policies, and philosophy.
  • Participates in regular inservice training programs, both in-house and outside workshops and seminars.
  • Participates in continued education through Alternatives’ Institute.
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