REPORTS TO: Director, Program Manager, and Program Coordinator

POSITION SUMMARY: Facilitates a close working relationship between the LSIs and Administrative staff and/or Program Supervisors.  Assist supervisors in the training of new staff.  Works with residents on a daily basis implementing programs and procedures, teaching new skills, and running behavior programs. Responsible for maintaining the flow of daily life in the department for the person(s) they are working with and has primary on-call responsibilities to assist department supervisors.  The Program Liaison(s) adheres appropriately to the chain-of-command and works in coordination with the Manager, Coordinator, and Director in all aspects of the job description. The Manager and Coordinator supervise the Program Liaison in all areas of the job description.

.QUALIFICATIONS/REQUIREMENTS:  This full time position requires a 4-year degree, preferably in a related field or at the discretion of the Director. Some related experience in human service field (experience with developmental disabilities and behavior management is preferred) is also required. Must be able to work the required variety of shifts including awake overnights, maintain on-call status for assigned days and have the ability to communicate enough of the English language to be understood by residents. Assisting, transferring, lifting, redirecting, and the ability to move quickly are among some of the necessary skills of the Program Liaison. DHS background study clearance and completion of all training is required.

SALARY: 15.55/hr, plus benefits package



Client Interactions:

  1. Assists with daily living activities, and daily schedules
  2. Assists with recreational activities
  3. Accompanies on community outings
  4. Administers medication; accompanies residents to appointments
  5. Safely performs 2-person transfers of non-ambulatory resident(s)
  6. Other duties at request of Manager, Coordinator, or Director
  7. Provide excellent execution of job duties, serving as a role model to the Living Skill Instructors


  1. Runs programs as directed, keeps up-to-date on programming
  2. Records data
  3. Knowledge and use of reinforcement principles
  4. Assist with Day 2 training
  5. Conducts reliabilities


  1. Maintains open lines of communication with other staff and supervisors, both written and verbal
  2. Provides follow up information to supervisors after completing a Day 2 training shift
  3. Attends meetings and in-services
  4. Charting

Administrative Interactions:

  1. Accepts direction, supervision and instruction from supervisors
  2. Assumes appropriate level of authority and responsibility
  3. Other duties as requested by Program Manager, Program Coordinator and Director to assist in the department as necessary up to three hours per week
  4. Serves as a liaison between new hires and the administrative staff
  5. Participates in a monthly Program Liaison council meeting, discussing standards of practice, improvements on training procedures, etc.

Crisis Action and Security:

  1. Follows program guidelines
  2. Assists appropriately in crisis situations
  3. Acts as person in charge when trained and scheduled
  4. Responsible for residents’ safety and whereabouts


  1. Assists residents in maintaining a clean and healthy living environment
  2. Assists residents with food preparation and clean up
  3. Assists residents with department maintenance and repairs

Energy Level/Attendance:

  1. Maintains necessary level of energy
  2. Maintains punctuality and responsible use of time
  3. Works minimum number of required shifts


  1. Becomes a named member of the Safety Committee
  2. Inspects the apartment and general facilities for any safety concerns
  3. Attends the quarterly Safety Committee meeting

On Call Responsibilities:

  1. Primary On-Call for scheduled weekend to work
  2. On-call responsibilities for those days include covering open shifts, finding coverage for open shifts or shifts that result in unexpected circumstances needing staffing
  3. Is the On-Call resource for questions/issues/crisis regarding staffing at all times (for those two days)
  4. Notifies appropriate others as needed on shift and fills shifts in emergency situations. Follows up on emergency situations as needed (documentation, arranges staffing for extra days, etc.)
  5. On-Call days may be switched with supervisors in advance to allow for appropriate coverage when supervisors and/or Program Liaisons are on vacation