Alternatives for People with Autism, Inc. (“Alternatives”) is a small, nonprofit, Minnesota provider of services to people who are severely disabled by autism and developmental disabilities and who may have additional significant medical or mental health needs. It is our intention to remain small, and to focus on the ever-increasing competence in the quality of service provided to the individuals entrusted to our care.

The ongoing, long-term focus of Alternatives is on its two residential programs. Our Shingle Creek Option provides a full range of residential and program services to 15 adults in three apartments located in one building. Our Little House Waiver Site provides similar services to three adults in a licensed corporate foster care home/DD waiver site. Staff of extraordinary skill and commitment are recruited for these two programs. The Board of Directors and Alternatives staff take great pride in the quality of life provided through these programs. Referral to either of these residential programs may be discussed by calling Michael L. Amon, Director at 763-560-5330.