Leadership & Mentoring

Meaningful, Educational, and Professional Growth

Alternatives for People with Autism, Inc. provides its staff with the opportunity to work in multiple positions during their time at the agency. We offer many different positions ranging from entry level direct support professionals to entry level supervisors and administrative roles. We have an extensive training program that occurs during the first 90 days of employment. During that time, staff become familiar with the residents in their department, learn company and state policies/regulations, and immerse themselves into the culture that surrounds being a direct support professional. New staff will be trained on how to use our CappsDATA system for charting nursing and program data. In addition, we provide our staff with dietary training, adult and child CPR/First Aid certification, transportation training, medication administration certification and emergency training. Staff will go through specific training and shadowing for each shift (evening, overnight, morning, and weekend). We provide feedback in the form of trimesterly performance evaluations that provoke meaningful and educational conversation. Alternatives also prides itself in allowing each staff to complete a program delivery course in which they will learn how to write a program as well as analyze a resident’s performance for that program. The Program Development Manager will follow up with them to edit the program to best suit the resident’s learning needs.