Professional Development

Data Driven Care

Data driven care at Alternatives for People with Autism helps us track and monitor resident activities using our patented CappsDATA system. This allows us to create programs for our residents that are perfectly catered to their abilities and activity preferences, while still providing challenges and learning opportunities.

Community Engagement

At Alternatives, we try to integrate our residents into the community as much as possible. They go on weekly outings to get dinner, go shopping, bowling, grab a cup of coffee and pick out flowers to brighten up their rooms. On occasion, we take our residents on special outings, such as summer trips to the zoo, pumpkin patches in the fall and holiday light shows in the winter. Our residents success and enjoyment in the community is one of our top priorities.

Job Skills

Job Skills can often be applied too many parts of life. A diverse group of coworkers work together to accomplish the goals set here at APA. Our goal is that our staff learn many valuable skills that can translate to various professional and personal environments.

Resident Care

Building relationships with the residents and coworkers at APA is one of the most rewarding aspects of being involved with our organization. We strive to ensure the success and happiness of each resident and to do those things which make their days significant and special.

Life Skills

The Living Skills Instructors at Alternatives are able to build personal relationships with each of the residents. Getting to know each resident on a personal level allows our team to understand individualized learning needs and strategies. We help teach new life skills in a way that maximizes both staff member’s and resident’s ability to thrive.

As a living skills instructor you will learn and practice valuable career skills such as:

  • Assist residents in with leisure activities, tasks, exercise/PT, meals, personal care and medication administration
  • Improve each resident’s interpersonal skills by promoting peer activities and community engagement
  • Use knowledge of policy set forth by licensing authorities to maintain a clean and safe living environment
  • Respond to resident’s individual physical, emotional and mental health needs

Job Placement

Our goal at Alternatives is to ensure the success and professional growth of each team member. We actively promote from within, nurturing the unique skill set of each team member. The skills you learn at Alternatives can translate directly into many other fields.

Join our team and build your career