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Residential Program Manager (Part-Time/Full-Time)

Position Overview

The program manager oversees all aspects of residents daily lives and care. They are responsible for the supervision and evaluation of Direct Support Professionals (DSP), family, medical staff, case manager and day programs.

Starting Salary: $48,152.00

Responsibilities Include:

Managerial Duties:

  • Maintains communication with department staff and attends to staff concerns/complaints on a timely basis in accordance with company policy.
  • Plans and conducts meetings as needed
    • Monthly department meetings
    • Annual resident Interdisciplinary Team meetings
    • Program meetings
    • Program Progress weekly meetings
    • Other meetings as requested/needed
  • Responsible for handling on the job feedback and employee disciplinary issues
  • Maintains documentation required by the facility and licensing/regulatory agencies as requested
  • Seeks additional professional consultations for residents as needed
  • Prepares, schedules and conducts employee performance evaluations with Program Coordinators
  • Schedules and monitors appointments with doctors, nurses, dentists and other health care providers
  • Initiates and receives correspondence with guardians regarding residents in the department
  • Conducts facility tours ○ Arranges and approves community activities for residents
  • Represents the company at community, school and public events/meetings
    Supervise the Following:
  • All work of the Program Coordinators and Direct Support Professionals
  • The quality of all resident interactions in the apartment
  • Medication administration in the department, and administer medications when scheduled
  • Oversees all housekeeping and meal preparation for the residents
  • Assures that assignments for food preparation, housekeeping, laundry and other daily needs have been made for every shift, delegated by the Manager
  • Assures all staff training for infection control is completed
  • Assist in hiring agency staff by screening applicants, conducting interviews/tours and making hiring recommendations
  • Training of new staff members in all aspects of residential life and agency policies/procedures including quarterly training of current staff

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Being a good role model for staff by providing instructions and modeling of procedures, programs and policies.
  • Schedule resident appointments and provide staff coverage as needed
    • This includes informing parent/guardian and Interdisciplinary Team of medical concerns, upcoming appointments and a summary of appointments
  • Determine staff shift assignments at the start of each shift and review with staff members
  • Maintains work schedule and coverage of needs, authorize vacation requests and update schedules as needed
  • Reviews payroll and prepare them for the Office Coordinator
  • Plans and facilitates monthly department meetings
  • Plans and provides performance evaluations for all Direct Support Professionals with the Coordinators
  • Provides training, feedback and supervision of resident programs while providing recommendations for programs
  • Crisis Management such as being available during shift to handle emergencies, on call as a resource for questions, documentation, administer first aid/CPR as needed and notifies management of emergency situations
  • Administrative duties as needed such as: reporting incidents for both employees and residents
  • Ensuring the ongoing safety of residents, staff and the physical environment while ensuring staff compliance with infection control policies
  • Develop and monitor progress of skill acquisition plans for all residents


  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field
  • Experience in a related field is a must
  • Clear communication in both written and verbal
  • Ability to be a role model for all staff members
  • DHS Background Study Clearance
  • Fully Vaccinated for Covid-19


  • Competitive pay and Full-Time benefits (Blue Cross Insurance, 2 weeks annual vac, and 56 hours annual sick time, free life, and disability insurance)
  • Gain valuable experience in related fields (nursing, OT, PT, communication, ABA therapy)
  • Growth opportunities
  • Build lasting relationships
  • Extensive training
  • Ability to Participate in Student Loan Forgiveness Program (Through the Government)

Why Join our Team:

Join our small nonprofit organization as a Residential Program Manager and make a real difference by providing residential services to adults disabled by autism.

A diverse group of coworkers work together to accomplish the goals set here at APA. Our goal is that our staff learn many valuable skills that can translate to various professional and personal environments.

General Application